What's after graduation?

Work?. . .

To make good decisions about whether to work at a bachelor's level or go to graduate school, look here to learn more about:

Or graduate school?

If you are considering graduate school, start early, be realistic, and be prepared. Psychweboffers the following timeline to guide you in planning for graduate school. William Buskist offers these ideas about preparing a successful application. Marky Lloyd's Career Page on Psych Web is excellent! John Suler, of Rider University, offers this guide to getting in graduate school and to careers in Psychology.

Applying for graduate school can be very confusing. Look here for a list of useful books on graduate school for various areas within psychology as well as related disciplines. Do you want to know the difference between clinical and counseling programs? Between Psy.D. and Ph.D. programs? APA's Education Directorate has answers to these and other frequently asked questions about education and training in psychology.

Regardless of which school you look at you will need:

To give you something to make your job easier (and your letter writers), do something that will make you Stand out! Get some clinical or applied experience if you are planning on going in an applied direction. Do research if you want to get into a doctoral program -- whether you plan on a basic or applied program.

These are frequently asked questions about graduate school. If you have a question, please feel free to ask me. If it's different than ones I've answered in the past I may add it to my list.

Finally. . .

For a little reality testing from the Teaching in Psychologybulletin board read this. Be brave of heart as you do so.

On the other hand, try this article recently published in the Psi Chi Newsletter on how to get into graduate school -- from someone who was rejected the first time. Randy Hofer, also in the Psi Chi Newsletter,writes about the habits of successful graduate applicants.

And, when you get in, look here for what Appleby says characterizes those graduate students described as superstars. From my experience the same things generally apply to undergraduate "superstars."

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