Graduate Schools

How can you find a graduate school?

There are a large number of graduate schools out there. Look at these lists of programs for help in finding one for you.

Deciding where to apply. . .

As you begin to think about where you want to apply, generate a list two to four times as long as the number of schools you are thinking about applying to. Look at their catalogues, often on line, as a first approach to understanding their philosophies and requirements. If I were applying to graduate schools right now I would also look at their home pages. Frequently these are less formal than graduate catalogues, have more "useful" information, and give a better feel of how the department (or the person writing that page) is selling itself.

Your list of schools should include 7-10 schools if you are applying to doctoral programs and four or more schools if you apply to master's programs. Furthermore, your list should include a range of schools, from those which you expect it may be difficult to gain an acceptance to those which are likely to be "sure things." Do not apply to only one or two schools unless these are your only options in terms of finances or living situation!

Sometimes students wonder whether they can make it into graduate school, or more scary, whether they can make it through. It helps to know that others have done it. Here is a list of schools our students have gone, as well as places they are currently.

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